Truth Will Set You Free

Truth Will Set You Free

By: Antonio Stephens, Wellness Coach 

Claiming my presence and truth has been the most daunting, exhilarating and liberating experience in my life so far – crossing the threshold that is society and its labels, collective agreements on what is, what should be and defying those principles as I begin to rewrite the pages in front of me. 

This journey has been an exploration of my thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that have helped me gain a deeper understanding of self. It’s been a deep process of self-reflection, self-awareness, and self-discovery.

Insights from the Unpaved Path 

The first step in the journey to inner truth is to become more mindful of your own thoughts and emotions. This involves taking the time to observe your own mental and emotional states, and to become more aware of the patterns and tendencies that shape your behavior and responses to the world around you.

This journey involves questioning your own assumptions and biases, and being open to the possibility that your beliefs and perceptions about yourself and others may not always be accurate or complete, and are oftentimes fear in disguise presenting as something else to keep you from existing in your upper room. 

Getting to inner truth – self, source or Atman –  involves engaging in practices such as meditation (in its many forms), cultivating practical applicable wisdom, journaling (so you can capture and reflect on the changes taking place) and therapy that can help to deepen your self-awareness and understanding of yourself. These practices can be helpful and at times critical in identifying patterns and tendencies that may be holding you back, and can provide insights into how to live a more fulfilling and authentic life in your authentic nature and power..

Ultimately, the journey to inner truth is a process of self-acceptance. It's moving away from separateness and allowing your smaller self to give permission to the divine within to express as and through you (god). It’s saying yes to your own unique path in this lifetime and yes to the things you require to learn and grow through. Aligning to your potential requires deep self compassion, surrender and knowing that you are everything including the light you feel inside looking to crack its structures to announce its presence (awakening). 

Exploring the In-between  

I’m standing at the threshold between fear and divinity and am straddling across both lines. See, what I’ve learned is that fear is a liar. It’s the master manipulator and is often in disguise as truth giving you subtle reminders that your comfort in conformity is where safety and certainty lies. Here’s the key: Feel fear, announce yourself/presence and then move past it. This can at times be challenging and uncomfortable but remain present, maintain perspective and continue to rise above to your upper room where fear cannot exist. 

This is something I’m still working on and learning to trust that I’m being carried by many I may never meet or encounter. 

Encounter with Divinity 

They/she are Bhraman, source, one, that is within me – pure bliss, freedom, and liberation. 

Expressing as your divine self is essential to connecting with your inner wisdom and higher self. When you tap into this inner wisdom, you access a deep sense of clarity and purpose, allowing you to communicate your ideas and feelings with greater confidence and authenticity.

The more you bypass fear, you begin to realize how important it is to let go of limiting beliefs and self-doubt that have the power to block your ability to express yourself fully. It's about being true to yourself and allowing your unique light to shine brightly. By speaking your truth and sharing your authentic self with the world, you inspire others to do the same and create a ripple effect of positive change.

Embrace your unique perspective and trust in your own intuition, knowing that you have valuable insights and experiences to share with the world. This is where I’m seeking to reside and am working on claiming the kingdom. 

Repeat after me: I know who I am. I know what I am. I know how I serve. I am free. I am free. I am free. 

Thanks and speak again, soon. Much love, always.


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  • Great post, Antonio. Thank you for your vulnerability and for sharing your journey.

    Anthony en

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