3 Steps to Achieving Greater Self-Alignment ✨

3 Steps to Achieving Greater Self-Alignment  ✨
By: Antonio Stephens, Özemi Wellness Resident and Coach 
Many — if not all of us at some point in our lives — struggle coming into our being, true nature or authentic power. With our ever-evolving human experience, life can be challenging. Simply that. How do we find balance and what does it mean to discover and live a life in true harmony? The process begins from within and requires active work, practice and ongoing reflection to maintain.  

Here are three steps to get you started on your journey to living a life more aligned to your highest self.  

Learn to manage and quiet your mind 

The mind or that voice in your head (self-talk) is so powerful and can either work in your favor or against you. How many times a day do we all get triggered and lost in deep thoughts tied to fear and unworthiness; developing these harsh narratives about ourselves and our place in the world? The first and most important step to finding harmony in life is to actively participate in managing your mind and your thoughts. With practice and over time, you can get to a place where you can sit with these thoughts, notice them for what they are and then let them go if they do not serve you. Regular meditative practices are a great place to start for self-help. If you need greater assistance, you should look to find and build a relationship with a medical professional or therapist. Once you learn to quiet the mind, you’ll be able to notice the spaciousness in and around you and will develop the capability and capacity to transform your pain into compassion for yourself and others.  

Protect and maintain your physical well-being  

The mind and body are one; what you feed them is what you become. Habits such as regular exercise or high-intensity activity are key to finding the harmony that you desire without friction – learning to reach beyond desires and developing the will to tap into your innate being through recurring moments of intense focus. This could become your meditative practice or merely an outlet to declutter so you can focus on the right things. Also, eating a healthy and balanced diet and getting proper rest will ensure that you function optimally daily. If you need support or encouragement to protect your physical wellbeing, there are many online resources you can consider. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a friend or a coach to get the help you need or to have them hold you accountable.  

Build and develop your life kit  

Finding true harmony won’t happen overnight. You’ll need to get in the dance and pick up skills and tools from your experiences to figure out what works best for you. We have this misconception about pain and suffering and their role in our lives. We as human beings dislike or stray away from discomfort, but have you ever thought about the possibilities from learning how to operate in a state or environment like this? 

Like every star in our solar system or diamond on planet earth, all these beauties grew into what they were from a long standing period of pressure, which transcended into growth and incredible transformation. There’s always something to learn from your experiences –  good or bad – and you have the power to transform your grievances into your superpowers. 

Learning to do this, is true harmony and alignment. 

Commit to creating the space and time to build and develop your practice(s). Once you’re aligned to your highest self, you’ll be able to engage in this great dance or leela called life and make the world your playground. The power sits deep within.  

Thanks for reading and speak again soon! 


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